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What is the Annual BCI Award?


The International BCI Award, endowed with 6,000 USD, is one of the top accolades in BCI research. The BCI Award was created to recognize outstanding and innovative research in the field of Brain-Computer Interfaces.

12 projects are nominated before the winner is announced at the BCI Award Ceremony.


  • The 12 nominated projects will be invited to submit a chapter to be published
    in the BCI State-of-the-Art book (Springer).
  • The winner gets 3,000 USD, the 2nd place 2,000 USD and the 3rd place 1,000 USD and a Gert Pfurtscheller bread knife.
  • All nominees are invited to present their work during the BCI Award Ceremony.
  • All winners get a keynote talk invitation to the BCI & Neurotechnology Spring School, the biggest BCI event worldwide.
  • All winners and nominees are invited to The Neurocareers: Doing The Impossible! Podcast hosted by Milena Korostenskaja. 
  • There is no limitation or special consideration for the type of hardware and software used in the submission.
  • The competition is open to any BCI group or researcher worldwide. The jury is not allowed to vote for their own group.
  • The BCI Award is donated by g.tec medical engineering GmbH.




The BCI Award is a very prestigious prize that attracts leading groups developing neural prostheses. I have seen a steady increase in the award’s popularity and the quality of submitted projects. Importantly, nominated projects are presented in an annual book series, which presents a collection of the best BCI studies conducted each year.

I foresee that the BCI Award will become an equivalent of a Nobel prize in the field of brain interfaces, and it will define the key directions in this growing research field.


– Mikhail A. Lebedev, PhD
Duke University Medical Center

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  1. Write a clear description of your project in English, that does not exceed 2 pages. Make sure to start your submission with a short introduction text in which you summarize your submission within 3-5 sentences.
  2. Include your full name(s), contact information, project title, brief description and current status of the work, images, figures and tables (if needed).
  3. Make a short film (format 16:9) to explain the subject matter of your BCI project submission. It should be approx. two minutes long and has to be spoken or subtitled in English.
  4. Send the document as a .pdf file and the short film to submit@bci-award.com before the indicated deadline.
  5. Attend the virtual BCI Award 2024 Ceremony at the BMI Sessions of the 2024 IEEE SMC Conference or send a delegate to receive the nomination or the award in person. The 12 top-ranked nominees will be informed about 1 month before the BCI Award 2023 Ceremony. 



The jury will score the submitted projects on the basis of a list of criteria. Your project should get high scores in several of the criteria to get a high ranking. Thus, you should consider the following questions when writing your submission:

  • Does the project include a novel application of the BCI?
  • Is there any new methodological approach used compared to earlier projects?
  • Is there any new benefit for potential users of a BCI?
  • Is there any improvement in terms of speed of the system (e.g. bit/min)?
  • Is there any improvement in terms of accuracy of the system?
  • Does the project include any results obtained from real patients or other potential users?
  • Does the approach work online/in real-time?
  • Is there any improvement in terms of usability?
  • Does the project include any novel hardware or software developments?


All projects will be treated confidentially. The 12 nominated projects will be invited to publish their work in the “BCI State-Of-The-Art” book series by Springer.



September 1st, 2024

1st place:     USD 3,000
2nd place:    USD 2,000
3rd place:     USD 1,000


September 15th, 2024

October 8th, 2024
All nominees will present their submissions during the BCI Award Ceremony 2024, before winners will be announced.
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Jury of The BCI Award 2024


Fabien Lotte

Chair 2024
Inria Bordeaux Sud-Ouest and LaBRI, France



Nicholas Scott Card

Winner 2023
University of California, Davis, USA



Maitreyee Wairagkar

Winner 2023
University of California, Davis, USA



Maryam Alimardani

Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, Netherlands




Kaylo Littlejohn

University of California, Berkeley, USA



Charles Greenspon

University of Chicago, USA



#Ceremony "Ceremony"

BCI Award 2024 Ceremony

Date: Tuesday, October 8th, 2024
Time: 14:00 - 17:00 (Vienna time)
Location: IEEE SMC 2024 Conference











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