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The BCI Award Podcast Series by Neurocareers

This podcast series is a spotlight on nominees and winners from the BCI Award by Dr. Milena Korostenskaja.

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The KITE-BCI Project: Revolutionizing Neurorehabilitation with Lazar Jovanovic


Dr. Lazar Jovanovic


Have you ever wondered how brain-computer interfaces (BCIs) can aid patients who have experienced a stroke? In this exciting episode of the BCI Award Neurocareers podcast series, Dr. Milena Korostenskaja sits down with Dr. Lazar Jovanovic to discuss his innovative work in developing the KITE-BCI system for functional electrical stimulation therapy, which has the potential to significantly improve the rehabilitation of patients who have experienced a stroke.




Innovating BCI Decoding with Victoria Peterson, PhD


Victoria Peterson, PhD


Victoria's team has developed a groundbreaking approach to transfer learning that promises to improve cross-session BCI decoding without requiring extensive retraining between sessions. This has the potential to revolutionize the way we approach BCIs and could significantly impact the future of this field.

Join us in the latest episode of the BCI Award Neurocareers podcast series as we explore Dr. Victoria Peterson's groundbreaking approach to transfer learning with BCIs. Discover how her team's approach is revolutionizing the way we decode signals from the brain to control devices, paving the way for new possibilities in neurotechnologies.




From Code to Care: Computer Science and Neurotech to help ALS Patients with Mohammad Sahal


Mohammad Sahal


What if you could help revolutionize how we care for people with Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS)? Mohammad Sahal, with his unique blend of computer science and neuroscience expertise, is doing just that! Join us for the third episode of the BCI Award Neurocareers podcast series as we take a deep dive to learn how the non-invasive, low-cost, portable neuroergonomic BCI system is transforming the way we care for ALS patients. Discover how custom augmented reality displays are helping patients improve their quality of life from the comfort of their own homes and how this technology is breaking down barriers and revolutionizing healthcare!




Speech Neuroprosthesis: The Future of Communication with David Moses, PhD


Dr. David Moses


Welcome to the Neurocareers podcast, where we explore the exciting world of careers in neurotechnologies! In this special episode of our BCI Award series, we are joined by Dr. David Moses. He will share his insights on the groundbreaking project, "A direct-speech BCI for decoding words and sentences in a person with severe paralysis and anarthria," that received 2nd place in the International Annual BCI Award in 2021. This project was conducted with a team of talented scientists in neurosurgeon Edward Chang, MD's laboratory at UCSF, known around the globe for studies on neural bases of speech.




The Stentrode Revolution: Endovascular Neural Interfaces with Nicholas Opie, PhD, MBA


Prof. Nicholas Opie

Prof. Opie, a biomedical engineer and the founding CTO of Synchron, knows what it takes to succeed in the innovative field of neurotech. Prof. Opie's Stentrode project won 1st place in the International BCI Award competition in 2021. In this podcast episode, he'll share his top tips for winning the International BCI Award and building a successful career in the industry.




BCI Award: Tips and Tricks from the Pros - Drs. Guger, Krusienski, Rutkowski & Allison


Dr. Christoph Guger

Welcome to the new Neurocareers BCI Award podcast series! In this first episode, Dr. Milena Korostenskaja was meeting with Dr. Christoph Guger, Dr. Dean Krusienski, Dr. Tomasz Rutkowski, and Dr. Brendan Allison, founding members, judges, and winners of the prestigious International Brain-Computer Interface Award.

With their years of experience, cutting-edge knowledge, and contagious enthusiasm, their expertise will show you how to make the impossible possible in neurotechnologies. They'll share their tips and tricks for success, from brainstorming to submitting your project and persevering through the process.